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Simplifies data interpretation of N-glycopeptide CID MS/MS datasets by searching for glycopeptide results consistent with MS/MS spectra. Results are tabulated in Excel format. See the GlycoPeptideSearch project page for more information.

Primer Match

A set of tools for quickly finding a large number of short nucleotide sequences in large genomic databases. Many options for constraining acceptable alignments and input/output formats. Automatically optimizes the sequence search strategy for search parameters. See the Primer Match project page for more information.


Check sequenced clones for correct translation frame and intended protein sequence. See the CheckFrame project page for more information.


A python script that converts vendor specific mass spectrometry file formats to open XML file formats. Applied Biosystems Q-Star, Mariner, Voyager, 4700, 4800 are supported, as are the mzXML and mzData XML file formats. See the PyMsXML project page for more information.


A set of python scripts and a module that interfaces with the NIST MS search engine to provide easy to use command line searching and construction of peptide spectrum libraries. See the PyNISTPL project page for more information.

BitTorrent for clusters

When staging large input files to the many nodes of a cluster, the traditional network copy approach (scp, rcp, NFS) quickly overwhelms the machine holding the original copy of the input file. BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file distribution protocol is naturally suited for file distribution when the file is large, and many clients want the file simultaneously - precisely the scenario when a staging large input files for a distributed cluster job. See the BitTorrent for clusters project page for more information.