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GlyTouCan motifs are imported directly from the GlyTouCan triple-store using the SPARQL query:

       PREFIX glycan: <>
       PREFIX glytoucan: <>
       PREFIX rdfs: <>
       PREFIX rdf: <>
       SELECT DISTINCT ?primary_id ?label ?redend
       WHERE {
           ?Saccharide glytoucan:has_primary_id ?primary_id . 
           ?Saccharide rdfs:type glycan:glycan_motif . 
           ?Saccharide rdf:label ?label .
           ?Saccharide glytoucan:is_reducing_end ?redend

Note that the motif "count" here is one more than shown on the GlyTouCan motifs page - there is an extra motif (GTC.G54161DR) for Heparin (other one is GTC.G00021MO).

GlyTouCan motif accessions are the GlyTouCan accessions of the structures.

GlyTouCan motifs provide a reducing end boolean for each motif, but no aglycon value(s).

-- Edwardsnj (talk) 11:27, 31 October 2018 (EDT)