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Collection GlyGen Motifs
Accession 000077
Preferred Name Paragloboside
Name(s) Paragloboside
Keyword(s) Glycolipid
Aglycon Cer
Reducing-End Only? true
Alignment Whole-Glycan
GlyTouCan Accession G58896AZ
Cross Reference(s) GlycanDictionary:GD000143
Reference(s) Cummings (2009) The repertoire of glycan determinants in the human glycome
Young et al. (1981) Two monoclonal anticarbohydrate antibodies directed to glycosphingolipids with a lacto-N-glycosyl ...
Schwarting et al. (1977) The reactions of antibodies to paragloboside (lacto-N-neotetraosyl ceramide) with human ...
Stanley et al. (2017) Structures Common to Different Glycans
Same As GD.R000482, GDB.002170, GDB.002256, GDB.002597, GDC.000077, GDSB.000015, GDV.000043, GE.EP0075, GM.G58896AZ, UCM.000132
Topology Cluster

RES 1b:b-dglc-HEX-1:5 2b:b-dgal-HEX-1:5 3b:b-dglc-HEX-1:5 4s:n-acetyl 5b:b-dgal-HEX-1:5 LIN 1:1o(4+1)2d 2:2o(3+1)3d 3:3d(2+1)4n 4:3o(4+1)5d



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