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Collection GlyGen Motifs
Accession 000065
Preferred Name Ceramide dihexosyl sulfate
Name(s) Ceramide dihexosyl sulfate
Keyword(s) Glycolipid
Aglycon Cer
Reducing-End Only? true
Alignment Whole-Glycan
GlyTouCan Accession G50926NK
Cross Reference(s) GlycanDictionary:GD000041
Reference(s) Cummings (2009) The repertoire of glycan determinants in the human glycome
Nagai et al. (2008) Higher expression of renal sulfoglycolipids in marine ...
Same As GD.R000495, GDV.000049, GM.G50926NK
Topology Cluster

RES 1b:b-dgal-HEX-1:5 2b:b-dgal-HEX-1:5 3s:sulfate LIN 1:1o(4+1)2d 2:2o(3+1)3n



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