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Collection GlyGen Motifs
Accession 000056
Preferred Name 2,6-Branched O-mannose
Name(s) 2,6-Branched O-mannose
Aglycon Ser/Thr
Reducing-End Only? true
Alignment Whole-Glycan
GlyTouCan Accession G06953DR
Cross Reference(s) GlycanDictionary:GD000001
Reference(s) Cummings (2009) The repertoire of glycan determinants in the human glycome
Chai et al. (1999) High prevalence of 2-mono- and 2,6-di-substituted manol-terminating sequences among O-glycans ...
Same As GD.R000178, GDC.000056, GDV.000109, GM.G06953DR
Topology Cluster

RES 1b:a-dman-HEX-1:5 2b:b-dglc-HEX-1:5 3s:n-acetyl 4b:b-dgal-HEX-1:5 5b:a-dgro-dgal-NON-2:6|1:a|2:keto|3:d 6s:n-acetyl 7b:b-dglc-HEX-1:5 8s:n-acetyl 9b:b-dgal-HEX-1:5 10b:a-dgro-dgal-NON-2:6|1:a|2:keto|3:d 11s:n-acetyl LIN 1:1o(2+1)2d 2:2d(2+1)3n 3:2o(4+1)4d 4:4o(3+2)5d 5:5d(5+1)6n 6:1o(6+1)7d 7:7d(2+1)8n 8:7o(4+1)9d 9:9o(3+2)10d 10:10d(5+1)11n



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