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Glycan G00021MO
Type Sequence
Property GlycoCT
Value RES

1b:x-dglc-HEX-x:x 2s:sulfate 3s:n-acetyl 4b:a-dido-HEX-1:5|6:a 5s:sulfate 6b:b-dglc-HEX-1:5 7s:sulfate 8s:n-acetyl 9b:a-dido-HEX-1:5|6:a 10s:sulfate 11s:sulfate LIN 1:1o(-1+1)2n 2:1d(2+1)3n 3:1o(4+1)4d 4:4o(2+1)5n 5:4o(4+1)6d 6:6o(-1+1)7n 7:6d(2+1)8n 8:6o(4+1)9d 9:6o(6+1)10n 10:1o(6+1)11n

Source GlyTouCan
Source ID