R Readings

1. I have created an enormous self-coded R-code collection for data mining. This is my code, so use it as you wish and take the time to learn from it. Never simply *copy* code. Always learn from code by following its logic step-by-step and then utilizing the new methods for your goals.


1. R for data wrangling: cleaning, prep, pre-processing, normalization
2. Association Rule Mining with R
3. Decision Trees with R
4. Clustering in R: EM, kmeans, hclust, and distance measures such as cosine similarity.
5. Naive Bayes and prediction/classification.
6. Support Vector Machines in R and prediction.
7. k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) and Random Forest
8. Text Mining Methods

Data Mining R shared Gates Repository of code.

Many Free eBooks:

R For Data Science
R For Data Science eBook
Many many Free eBook on Data Science and on R>
Applied Data Science>

Note: eBooks are free. This means that sometimes they are not available or the links stop working :)

Further and considerable resources and tutorials can be located here:

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