How to Submit Assignments:

Remember - ony email your assignments to your assigned TA - do not email or copy any other TA and do not email or copy me. This is critical to avoid submission confusion.

1) Complete each Assignment in full and make sure that all code runs. Test your code. Comment your code. Submitted code that does not run will be returned for resubmission. PLEASE DO NOT waste the time of your TA. Submit code that you have tested and code that runs.

2) You may use ZIP. DO NOT USE TAR. Attach all portions and requirements into the email that you will send to your TA. For example, if you are submitting an R assignment and you use data and also have output files, you will zip up the .R, the data, and any files or other required elements. Then, attach the zip. If you cannot use zip, that is OK. Just attach all the items to the email. Make sure things are named smartly.

Be sure that the TA can run your code from any folder. This means that if your code opens or accesses data, it should NOT need a "path" to do so. Remember, your paths and the TA paths are not the same. To make this work, always have code and data local to each other - so in the same folder.

3) Make sure to title everything and always include your full name and GU email. For example, the SUBJECT LINE of your email assignment submission should include Summer II Module X Part X Assignment X Submission. Inside the email you will place your full name. If you use a nickname, include your real name and the nickname. ALWAYS submit using your Georgetown email. DO NOT use any other emails to submit assignments. MAKE IS EASY FOR THE TA to see what you have submitted and who you are.

4) Email each Assignment ONLY TO YOUR TA. DO NOT submit to all TAs - just your TA. DO NOT cc me. Just submit to your TA. So again, be sure that you know who your TA is. Then, email your assignment ONLY to your TA. Please do not cc me or include any other TAs as this might create an email nightmare :). >


Your TA will email you at your GU email address. Check your email.

If you are a Public Policy student, you will get an email from yoru Program with instructions.

5) Again - The title of the email MUST be the name of the Assignment (such as Mod 1 Part 1 Assignment) and your full name must be in the email.