Bootcamp Dates: May 15 - Aug 1

All requirements for this Bootcamp can be found in the outline - this includes assignments, due dates, and readings.

The class outline can be located here. Start by clicking this link.

Outline, Assignments, Readings, Requirements, Due Dates

Director Information:
Dr. Ami Gates, Director and Professor

Please note that this is a Bootcamp - not a class. This Bootcamp is self-directed, fully online, and intended to help YOU to practice and review. If you have any questions, please ask your TA. Your TA will email you before June 1.

TA Contact Information:

TA Group for Data Science and Analytics Students:
Name------------------ Email
Greg Gaylord (Lead TA)------------------ gsg49@georgetown.edu
Robin Wang ------------------xw301@georgetown.edu
Ella Wang ------------------ yw701@georgetown.edu
Shengdan Jin ------------------ sj820@georgetown.edu
Yunzhi (Nikki) Kong ------------------ yk659@georgetown.edu
Lin Meng ------------------ lm1398@georgetown.edu
Haoming Feng ------------------ hf262@georgetown.edu
Shrey Bhawate ------------------ssb109@georgetown.edu
Yunfei Zhang ------------------yz678@georgetown.edu
Zhou, Jizhou ------------------jz708@georgetown.edu

Office Hours:
Online and via email. Your TA will contact you. Each student is assigned to a TA.

How to Submit Assignments.

NOTE: If you ever cannot locate or access any data, check this area:

Advanced Programming Topicsin R and Python

The Georgetown Data Science and Analytics Program is offering this asynchronous and online bootcamp self-directed review to assist students in reviewing R, Python, and command line use.

Dr. Ami Gates, Director and Professor of Data Science and Analytics: Dr. Gates specializations are data analytics, data visualization, data mining,text mining, machine learning, statistics, information technology, and educational data mining/learning analysis. Her research interests include interactive visual analytics, machine learning applications, global public health, gender equality, educational data mining, and learning analytics.

Dr. Ami M. Gates
Director and Professor of Data Science and Analytics,
Georgetown University


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