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Peptide Sequence Database

Fasta sequence databases of putative peptide sequences from human, mouse, rat, and zebrafish. Compressed to eliminate redundancy, these are about 40 fold smaller than a brute force enumeration.

Current and old releases are available for download.

Release announcements can be found on my blog with the PepSeqDB tag.

Each species' peptide sequence database comprises peptide sequence data from releveant species specific UniGene and IPI clusters, plus all sequences from their consituent EST, mRNA and protein sequence databases, namely RefSeq proteins and mRNAs, UniProt's SwissProt and TrEMBL, GenBank mRNA, ESTs, and high-throughput cDNAs, HInv-DB, VEGA, EMBL, IPI protein sequences, plus the enumeration of all combinations of UniProt sequence variants, Met loss PTM, and signal peptide cleavages.

The README file contains some information about the non amino-acid symbols O (digest site corresponding to a protein N- or C-terminus) and J (no digest sequence join) used in these peptide sequence databases and information about how to configure various search engines to use them. Some search engines handle (very) long sequences badly and in some cases must be patched to use these peptide sequence databases. All search engines supported by the PepArML meta-search engine can (or can be patched to) successfully search these peptide sequence databases. Contact me for help if you have problems.